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Entertainments in Lima

Visiting Lima offers the possibility to know why the limeños are the most cheerful people in Peru. Choices for entertainment are wide and limeños has stamped the phrase "la noche es larga" (night is long) in reference to stay until your body supports (drinking, dancing, chatting, etc). A list of our recommended places for leisure and entertainment in Lima: cinemas, cine clubs, theatres, art galleries, cafés, bars, pubs, discos and peñas.

Cinemas and Cine Clubs

Cinemark (Jockey Plaza Shopping Center). Av. Javier Prado Este 4200, Monterrico. Multicinema.

UVK (LarcoMar). Parque Salazar, Miraflores. Multicinema.

StarVision (El Pacífico). Ovalo de Miraflores. Multicinema.

Cineplex. Calle Mantaro 356, San Miguel. Multicinema.

Filmoteca de Lima (Museo de Arte). Paseo Colón 1225, Lima. The best cine club in Lima. They make forums and program special exhibitions on countries, directors and subjects. The main film archive of Peru.

El Cinematógrafo. Calle Pérez Roca 196, Barranco. Cine club.

Cine Club Mélies. Av. Bolívar 635, Pueblo Libre.

Theatre and Art Galleries

Teatro Municipal. Jr. Ica 3rd block, Lima. Now it is being rebuilt after a great fire in 1998. It is the main place for proffesional plays, orchestral and ballet performances. It will reopen on 2000.

Teatro Marsano. Av. Gral. Suárez 409, Miraflores. Commercial and comedy plays.

Teatro Británico. Calle Bellavista 529, Miraflores. Place were the local theatre group The Good Companions (from the Brittish Council) perform good English plays.

La Tarumba. Calle Leoncio Prado 225, Miraflores. Circus mixed with theatre. A good option if you want to watch alternative proposals.

Teatro Mocha Graña. Av. Sáenz Peña 107, Barranco. Good plays by independent groups.

Centro Cultural Univ. Católica. Av. Camino Real 1075, San Isidro. Good plays made by students and proffessional actors. Art exhibitions.

Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma. Av. Larco, Miraflores. Theatre, cine, library and art gallery.

Galería Pancho Fierro. Plaza Mayor, Lima. Good art expositions.

Galería Municipalidad de Miraflores. Av. Larco, corner with Diez Canseco, Miraflores. A traditional place for reknowned art expositions.


Café Café. 1) Calle Mártir Olaya 250, Miraflores; 2) Av. Alvarez Calderón 198, San Isidro.

Haiti. Ovalo de Miraflores.

Café Olé. Av. Pancho Fierro 115, San Isidro.

News Café. Santa Luisa 110-120, San Isidro.

Hard Rock Café. Larcomar Shopping Center. Miraflores.

Sbarro Café. Jr. de la Unión 574, Lima.

Atlantic. Jr. Huallaga 146, Lima.

Phantom Internet Café. Av. Diagonal 344, 2nd and 3rd floor, Miraflores.

Bohemia Café. 1) Av. Santa Cruz 805, Miraflores; 2) Psje. Nicolás de Ribera El Viejo 142, Lima; 3) Av. El Polo 706, 2nd floor, Surco.

Mangos Café Restaurant. 1) Ovalo Gutiérrez 789, Miraflores; 2) Av. Canaval y Moreyra 312, San Isidro; 3) Calle Aldabas 475 (block 52 Av. Prol. Benavides), Surco.

Internet Points

Visit our long, but useful list of all the Internet public booths in Lima and the rest of the country.

Bars and Pubs

El Rincón Cervecero. Jr. de la Unión 1045-A (Ex-Belén), Lima. A good place for drinking beer in downtown Lima.

La Noche. Av. Bolognesi 307, Barranco. They offer live rock band shows. Nice environment. There is also an art gallery.

Media Naranja. Av. Schell, corner with Psje. Porta. The place for Brazilian drinks with music included.

Angellos Video Pub Karaoke. Av. Aviación 2520-2522, San Borja. Sing along in this popular karaoke. Moderate prices.

Jammbuche. Av. Benavides 3624, Urb. Chama, Surco. A good little place for beer and snacks. Good prices.


Mamut. A good discotheque, popular with middle and upper-class young people.

Kimbara. Av. Paseo de la República 1401, La Victoria. If you want to shake your body with live salsa music, this is the right place. It is very popular with "salseros". Visited by salsa orchestras from Latin America.

Peñas and live shows

Brisas del Titicaca. Jr. Wakulski 168 (one block from Plaza Bolognesi), Breña. Folkloric live shows. Good place with moderate prices. Popular with locals.

Hatuchay. Jr. Trujillo 228 (one block back of Gov. Palace, crossing the old bridge), Rímac. Folkloric live music. A cheaper and good alternative to Brisas del Titicaca.

La Estación de Barranco.Av. Pedro de Osma 112, Barranco. Live Peruvian music shows.

Sachún. Av. del Ejército 657, Miraflores. "Criolla" music shows, good food.

De Rompe y Raja. Calle Manuel Segura 127, Barranco. A "Peña" oriented to "negroide" Peruvian music.

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