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The Gourmet's choice

Lima is the best place for food in all over Peru. Apart from its great range of native dishes, you can find here almost food from everywhere in the world. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabian, Argentinian, North-American, Brazilian, are some examples of the wide offer of restaurants in this capital city.

Chupe de camaronesBut, as native food is our business, we hardly recommend you to eat the famous Ceviche here, there are no better samples in any other city (unless it is in the coast). Other good options are Escabeche, Jalea de Pescado, Ají de gallina and Coctail de Camarones. For "small" food, try the papa rellena, anticuchos and pancita. In case, you are homesick and want a hamburger, we strongly encourage to eat at Bembo's Burger Grill, a peruvian chain with lots of burgers and incredibly better than Burger King or Mac Donald.

About desserts, try the picarones, mazamorra morada, turrón de Doña Pepa and arroz con leche. You must drink the Pisco Sour (was born in Lima) or the "un-alcoholic" but refreshing chicha morada. If you want to drink the "national" soft drink (strong competitor of Coke and top-of the-market), try the yellowish Inca Kola. It is proved that the one made here is the best of others produced outside Lima.

Restaurants and Places

A list on these places would be long. We will try to include the best ones (expensive and cheap ones, but recommended!) in all kind of foods. The expensive restaurants charge an amount of taxes, while the cheap ones only the IGV (18%). Check first.

Costa Verde. Playa Barranquito, Costa Verde, Miraflores. An expensive restaurant with an incredible quantity of prized and good dishes. Included in the Guiness Records. Check for buffet, brunch or tea times, special prices.

La Rosa Náutica. Espigón 4, Costa Verde, Miraflores. Built on a pier, this is a fine and expensive restaurant, but with excellent quality of food. Try the tea time while you watch the sunset.

Plaza Italia. Plaza Italia, Barrios Altos, Lima. A traditional square which every weekend is full of people. It is like a fair of peruvian food, where you can try a good deal of typical dishes and desserts. Cheap prices.

Bar Cordano. Corner of Jr. Ancash and Jr. Carabaya (in front of Desamparados railway station), Lima. A bar-restaurant from beginning of century. They have good food at lunch time, also menu. Their espresso cafe is excellent, but takes time because they have an old and original coffee-maker.

L'Eau Vive. Jr. Ucayali, 370 (in front of Palacio Torre Tagle), Lima. A beautiful mansion that houses a restaurant run by a French order of nuns. Food is good and prices are moderate. They have menu and "a la carta" dishes. A quiet place with peruvian and international food.

Raimondi. Jr. Miró Quesada 110 (between Jr. de la Unión and Jr. Carabaya), Lima. A good restaurant, although it is a bit hidden, without sign. Its carved wood roof is impressive. Prices are moderate.

Ceviche street. Av. La Rosa Toro (two blocks from Av. Javier Prado Este), San Borja. This is a block of seafood restaurants. Now, they are very popular and have replaced the former famous Av. José Galvez in Miraflores. These restaurants are usually full of people eating ceviches, jaleas, chicharrones, sudados and other fish-based dishes. Cheap prices and big dishes! A dish (fuente) can be shared by two or three people.

Manos Morenas. Av. Pedro de Osma 409, Barranco. A restaurant with typical peruvian food, specially "criolla" food. They also shows from Wed. to Sat. Prices are moderate.

Calle de las Pizzas. Av. Diagonal (opposite Parque Central), Miraflores. A popular alley with lots of "pizzerias" that offer all kind of pastas and wine (incl. sangrías). Very frequented on weekend nights. Regular prices.

Chinatown Chifas. Near the Mercado Central is located the Chinatown (Jr.Ucayali and Jr. Paruro area), where you will find a good number of chifas (peruvian-chinese food), from cheap to expensive ones. They are a good option in downtown. The best of them is Chifa Wa Lok (Jr. Paruro 864) with really good food but expensive prices.

Bircher Benner. Av. Diez Canseco 487, Miraflores. A good choice for vegetarian restaurant in Lima. Price is good and they have a good deal of peruvian (veggie) dishes.

Govinda. 1) Av. Schell 630, Miraflores; 2) Av. Garcilaso de la Vega 1670, Lima; 3) Jr. Callao 480, Lima. These vegetarian restaurants are run by the Hare Krishnas. They have cheap prices and good value food.

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