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Air Lima is well connected by air with all the main cities of Peru. There are regular flights to Cusco, Arequipa, Juliaca, Puerto Maldonado, Tacna, Ayacucho, Pucallpa, Iquitos, Tarapoto, Piura, Cajamarca, Chiclayo and Trujillo. There's a departure tax of 12 soles for all domestic flights through Peru. When travelling in high season, buy your air tickets in advance and reconfirm your flight to avoid overbooking problems.


There are taxis by everywhere. Also it is the safest mean of transport in Lima. Is common to hail a taxi in the street and you have to fix the price with the taxidriver (no meters), bargaining possible. Other taxis, like by radio or by phone contact, are expensive but also more secure. Fortunately, taxi service is being regulated in Lima during these years and the Major has ordered the service in "Yellow Taxis". Painted in yellow, with the "taxi" signal on the roof and a sticker in the windscreen, these are the best option for taxis, because they offer you insurance, touristic advice, mechanical assistance and safety. They have a hotline for making complaints and lost things (SETAME, Servicio de Taxi Metropolitano). They also are allowed to enter to the Historic Center.

These are some average prices (minimum is S/.4): Miraflores-Downtown= S/. 7-9, Miraflores-San Isidro= S/. 4-5, San Isidro-Downtown= S/. 5-7, Miraflores-Museo de Oro (Monterrico)= S/. 6-7, Miraflores-Museums in Pueblo Libre= S/. 6-8, Miraflores-Museo de la Nación= S/. 5-7, Miraflores-Pachacámac= S/. 15-20, Downtown-Museo de Oro= S/. 10-12, Downtown-Museums in P.Libre= S/. 5-7, Miraflores-Barranco= S/. 4, Airport-Downtown= S/. 9-15, Airport-Miraflores= S/. 15-25.

Local buses and combis

The local buses are called micros (big ones) and combis (minibuses or vans). As they are usually crowded of people, you must take care of your belongings. The average price is S/. 1; at nights after 12am and sundays, ticket cost S/. 1.20. In national holidays, price is added a 50%. If you want some adrenalin, you should try the Combis, by far, the most awesome buses. When getting off a bus just say baja ! (go down) or esquina ! (corner). Do not forget to request your bus ticket saying boleto, it will help you in case of an accident.

Some guides say you must go to the first bus stop if you want to go to a specific place. It is not completely true, it makes you waste time and money. Is better if you ask to local people how to go to "x" place, by asking bus number, avenue where it passes and connection you must do. Police is also very helpful.

Interprovincial Bus

These buses cover long-distance trips. From Lima, there are almost buses for all the cities in the country (no Iquitos). Prices vary in national holidays, but in average are cheap. Companies have different services for each route. From a basic one to another with an air conditioned bus, hostess, meal, bathroom, TV, movies and bed-seats. Trips may long 2 hours (Lima-Huacho) up to 35 hours (Lima-Tarapoto).

Recommendable bus companies are Ormeño (Av. Javier Prado Este 1059, Santa Catalina, Lima. Ph. 472-1710 or Av. Carlos Zavala 177, Lima. Ph.427-5679), Cruz del Sur (corner Av. Javier Prado Este and Av. Nicolás Arriola, Santa Catalina, Lima. Ph. 225-6200 or Jr. Quilca 531, Lima. Ph. 424-1005), Civa (corner Av. Carlos Zavala and Jr. Montevideo, Lima. Ph.428-5649 / 426-4926). Other alternative companies are: Móvil Tours (to Huaraz), Expreso Molina (to Ayacucho), Mariscal Cáceres (to Huancayo), Oltursa (to Piura, Tumbes and Arequipa), Perú Bus (to Ica), Apóstol San Pedro (to Cerro de Pasco) and TEPSA. Nearly all the bus companies are located in the area of Av. Abancay, Av. Carlos Zavala and Jr. Montevideo. Be careful with "one-bus" companies. In a couple of years, all these companies will have special bus terminals at the south, east and north of Lima.


Train Lima is the starting point of the Ferrocarril Central, the highest railway in the world. Service has been reopen since July 1998, but stops during raining season (January-March). All sundays, there is a service to the small and sunny village of San Bartolomé (50km east of Lima), where you can go for a "picnic" day. Price is S/. 17 (both ways). The other service is made every weekend of each month to Huancayo, by far, the most exciting trip by train in South America ! Price (two ways) is S/. 60, including meal and assistance.

ENAFER, the railway company, has its offices in the Desamparados station just behind the Government Palace in Jr. Ancash 207, Lima. Phone: 428-9440 / 427-6620.

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