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Climate, Clothing

In the Peruvian Andes the seasons are limited to rainy season and dry season. In November and December, at the beginning of summer, the first rain is falling. January, February and March usually are months with a lot of rain; although it is surprising how fast the skies clear up after some heavy rainfall and the sun comes out again. The temperatures vary between 12 and 25 degrees Celsius.

The actual dry season, the Peruvian winter, lasts from March until October. Particulary in the high Andes during this time there are big differences in temperature between day and night and between sun and shade (altitude climate). Meanwhile during the daytime in the sun one can feel really hot the nights are very cold, especially in the months of June and July when the temperatures in the mountains outside the city can sometimes be below zero. On the coast on the other hand it hardly ever rains. The summers are tropical and humid and usually very hot.

Throughout any season one will need both warm and light clothing; in any case necessary are: Good and sturdy shoes, a warm jacket, sunglasses, suntan lotion with a high protection factor, lip protection, some light head cover; rain gear in the months November through April.

Vaccinations, Health up

In Cusco and Lima there are no vaccination requirements; although in general, vaccinations against typhoid and hepatitis A are recommended. Further information can be obtained from the public health department. If you are considering to travel to the Peruvian lowlands, for example to Puerto Maldonado, you should be vaccinated against yellow fever and take malaria tablets with you.

Travelers who suffer heart or circulation problems are recommended to consult their doctor regarding the high altitude. Usually the human body needs one or two days to get used to the altitude, i.e. to the lower oxygen content of the air. For possible trouble (soroche) during the adjustment, like headache or nausea, there is effective and well tolerated medication available at local chemists. Especially good help is the so called "mate de coca" (tea from coca leaves).

In case you are taking a first aid kit you can limit its contents to a minimum, amongst others: Aspirin, diarrhea tablets. At the local chemists you will find a good selection of international medication available without prescription.

Health-Travel-Insurance up

Most private health insurance companies cover health expenses, even in case of short term stay overseas. If you do not have a private health insurance you should get an additional travel insurance. An insurance for your luggage is strongly recommended.

Security up

During your trip you should keep your money and documents in a money belt or in a pouch around your waist.

In Cusco you may leave your valuables in the safe of the German Consulate. Please don't take precious watches or jewelry with you. Pickpockets have an eye for the smallest carelessness, therefore please never leave your luggage unattended. When taking a walk or an excursion in Lima please leave your documents, passport and valuables at the hotel. After your arrival in Cusco you will get a legalized photocopy of your passport at the German Consulate.

Embassies in Lima-Peru up

Canada: Av. Libertad 130 (Miraflores), Tel.: + 51- 1- 444 4015

Denmark: Av. Bernardo Monteagudo 201 (San Isidro), Tel.: + 51- 1- 264 3620

Germany: Av. Arequipa 4210 (Miraflores), Tel.: + 51- 1- 422 4919

Great Britain: Natalio Sánchez 125, Edif. Washington 4th floor, Tel.: + 51- 1- 433 8923 / 4738

Netherlands: Av. Principal 190, 4th. floor, Santa Catalina (La Victoria), Tel.: + 51- 1- 476 1069

Norway: Carnaval y Moreyra 595 (San Isidro), Tel.: + 51- 1- 440 4048

Sweden: Camino Real 348, 9th. floor (San Isidro), Tel.: + 51- 1- 421 3400 / 3421

Switzerland: Av. Salaverry 3240 (San Isidro), Tel.: + 51- 1- 264 0305

U.S.A.: La Encalada Block 17 (Monterrico), Tel.: + 51- 1- 433 4511

Passport Validity, Visa up

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months when you start your trip.
Travelers from U.S.A., Canada and most European countries do not need a visa to enter Peru. On arrival you will get a stamp in your passport which entitles you to a stay of a up to 90 days, and a tourist card (Tarjeta de Embarque) which has to be surrendered on leaving the country.

An extension of your stay for another month can be requested in Cusco and costs $ 24.00.

Money and Legal Tender up

The Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol S/.,over the last years the exchange rate to the American dollar was relatively stable, 1 US$ is about S/: 3,30.

For your stay in Peru you should take money and travelers checks in US dollars only.

You could easily take the largest part of your money in US dollars cash, maybe as a reserve a few US dollars travelers checks. Amongst the international credit cards Visa is recommended.

Flight Connections up

There is a variety of international airlines that go to Lima even more than once a week.
Although it is worthwhile comparing the prices, for example many airlines offer convenient reductions for students. We would definitely recommend to book the connecting flight Lima-Cusco-Lima at once with your international flight; thus you avoid the risk of having to wait for a ticket to Cusco in Lima.

Flights normally arrive in Cusco every day in the morning.

Airport Tax in Peru National flight: US$. 4,00
International flight: US$ 28,00

Flight Information
nationale and internationale flights from and to Lima:
Tel.: (0051-1) 575 1712 und 574 5529

Peruvian Holidays up

1rst of January - Easter week: Monday afternoon (only in Cusco), Thursday afternoon, Good Friday 1rst of May - Corpus Cristi (only in Cusco) - 24th of June (only in Cusco) - 29th of June - 28th and 29th of July - 30th of August - 8th of October - 1rst of November - 2nd of November (only in Cusco) - 8th of December - 25th of December - 31rst of December afternoon.

Time Difference up

US East coast: +1 hour
US West coast: -2 hours

Voltage up

220 V - adapter plugs that might be necessary can also be obtained in Cusco.

Photography up

When choosing your film material and filters please take into account the high ultraviolet radiation in higher altitudes.

Excursions, Surroundings up

There is a variety of attractive destinations in the nearby vicinity of the city. Half-a-day excursions to pre-Colombian ruins as well as short hikes or sight-seeing outside of Cusco can be arranged on short notice.
Furthermore Cusco is the ideal starting point for the famous Inka-Trail to Machu Picchu (4-day hike), a stay at the Amazon lowlands (30 minutes flight to Puerto Maldonado), a jungle tour in the cultural zone of the National Manu´s Park, a trip with the Andean railway to Lake Titicaca and from there to La Paz in Bolivia.

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